Start Smart


Start Smart LLC is a locally owned and operated company that specializes in providing consulting, training and publishing products and services for government, corporate and non-profit clients. The partnership between Start Smart and Providence is two-fold, centered around compliance and employment. Start Smart ensures that contractors Providence works with on the Faubourg Lafitte site are in compliance with HANO Section 3 rulings regarding the hiring of local DBE/WBE/Sec 3 certified businesses. Start Smart also ensures that those individuals that are Section 3 verified are able to obtain jobs and/or training on developments that are funded through HANO/HUD.

“Through our work, we developed an expertise in DBE because we believe in the value that DBE firms can bring to development projects and communities.”  Norman D. Roussell, MBA, CEO of Start Smart, LLC.

The company also hosts the website,, dedicated to providing information on business certification programs available to Louisiana business owners. A community-minded business, Start Smart LLC also gives back in big ways to the communities they serve. Through their Touch the World Campaign, Start Smart donates cash, equipment, musical instruments and time to schools and charities. Since starting the program, Start Smart has donated over $30,500 to New Orleans area schools, six musical instruments to local high school bands and music theatre programs and over 1,300 volunteer hours to local entrepreneur development non-profit programs.

To find out more about Start Smart visit their website at