Realizing the dream of homeownership

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When Taeshaun Walters’s mom mentioned that Taeshaun should consider buying a house, the 30-year old was surprised. Taeshaun recalls, “We were both working at Delgado, and my mom would just ride around the area every now and then. One day she called me and said, ‘Tae, I saw these really adorable houses. I think they’d be perfect for you,’ and I was like, ‘Me? A house?’ I didn’t think something like that was possible for me.”

At the time, Taeshaun was 26-years old and living with her parents, something that many young college grads find themselves doing these days. she was looking at apartments- looking at Columbia Parc and areas around Mid-City – and not really finding anything that suited her. She says that homeownership never crossed her mind.

“One time my mom called the number to those Faubourg Lafitte houses on her own….that’s my mother!” she laughs. “And before I knew it she had already gotten me set up through Providence with a lady at Neighborhood Housing Services. They checked my application and my credit and told me that I had a great score and that I qualified for a home. I was like, ‘Oh My God!  I’m going to be able to get a house?’ I couldn’t believe it,” she says, still in awe.

After that, Taeshaun worked with Providence’s homeownership staff to navigate the process of purchasing her first home.

Providence Home Sales & Loan Program Manager, Juana Green Andry, distinctly remembers Taeshaun’s determination to become a homeowner.   “Once she came to realize that buying was an option for her, there was no stopping her.  Taeshaun worked hard to become knowledgeable about the home buying process, and that attitude always helps.  The day she realized that she was also eligible for a soft second mortgage, was the day she knew she would be able to make her dream of becoming a homeowner come true.”

Taeshaun has also been able to leverage her homeownership status to provide for herself in other ways too. She was able to purchase a new vehicle because of her credit and she is able to help her parents with their Real Estate business – they own property that they rent. “They are grooming me to take over the business, so it just helps that I went through this whole process myself,” she says.

Obviously Taeshaun is ecstatic being a homeowner. Her joy shines through whenever she talks about her home. The things she loves most about her home are the neighborhood, her neighbors and the quality of life it provides.

“Everything is so close – the [Bayou] Beer Garden is right there. The Rouses and Whole Foods are right here. It’s so awesome. And I have great neighbors.” Taeshaun also is eager to make the newly opened Lafitte Greenway  a part of her life. “My dad was even talking about it. He’s really into fitness and he said, “I’m going to come by and ride it.” And I was like, “Yeah dad, it’s long, and really cool.”

When I remind her that this is her neighborhood and that she’s a part of all of this, her face lights up.

“I know…. I know… it’s so amazing! It’s different – you have that ownership. You know I’ve lived with my parents all my life… and to be able to do this. I’m a homeowner, you know… it’s really awesome!”