Resident finds success in Providence’s Job Readiness program

Renta is a Faubourg Lafitte resident in her early 30’s. She’s a single parent of two and has been coming to the center for the past three months, meeting weekly with Danielle, our Job Development Coordinator, to apply for jobs. She made every appointment and successfully completed at least one application each appointment. She initially signed up to receive free C.N.A training from St. Agatha Career School; but, the slots were filled. She was determined to get a job while she waited for another opportunity for free training to become available. Through Providence’s networks, we were able to find an available C.N.A training slot through Iberville Redevelopment. Staff assisted her in filling out the necessary paperwork and she was selected for the program.

Renta poses with her CNA Certification and with Providence Job Readiness Coordinator, Danielle St. Pierre on August 7, 2015.

Today, Renta finished the training program and earned her CNA certification. She has already made an appointment with Danielle, our Job Readiness Coordinator, to begin the  search and application process for  jobs hiring CNAs. With this new skillset under her belt, Renta now qualifies for opportunities that were just out of reach only a few months ago. We know that through her determination and drive she will find success in this career!