Terri North at CPEX Smart Growth Summit

Terri North presents a session on "Neighborhood Plus" model with colleagues presenting on Dallas' recently adopted plan. (Photo courtesy GNOHA)

Terri North presents a session on “Neighborhood Plus” model with colleagues presenting on Dallas’ recently adopted plan. (Photo courtesy GNOHA)


On November 3rd, Terri North, President & CEO of Providence Community Housing, presented a session at Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX) annual Smart Growth Summit. The topic of the sesssion A New Approach to Addressing Housing Needs – the “Neighborhood Plus” Approach featured speakers from Dallas’ that introduced the city’s newly adopted Neighborhood Plus Plan – a plan created to strengthen and revitalize neighborhoods by developing collaborative partnerships with local government and agencies within the public and private sector. Terri presented New Orleans’ Faubourg Lafitte as a case study in redevelopment that touched on many of the high-points in the Dallas plan.


John Fregonese – President, Fregonese Associates, Inc.

Theresa O’Donnell – Chief Resilience Officer, City of Dallas and Former Interim City Manager

Terri North –  President & CEO, Providence Community Housing

The session was sponsored by JPMorgan Chase & Co.



CPEX is a non-profit organization that coordinates urban, rural and regional planning efforts in Louisiana. They provide best-practice planning models, innovative policy ideas, and technical assistance to individual communities that wish to create and enact master plans dealing with transportation and infrastructure needs, environmental issues, and quality design for the built environment. CPEX brings community members and leaders together and provides guidance as they work toward a shared vision for future growth and development. Since their founding in 2006, CPEX has been involved with the planning efforts of more than 20 Louisiana cities, towns and parishes. They have also leveraged more than $5.5 million on behalf of communities all over the state.  (www.cpex.org)