building homes for new orleans
building homes for new orleans senior residents

Providence strives to provide equitable housing options that are of high quality, affordable, and near areas of opportunity.


Providence strives to preserve the long-term affordability of existing housing through the acquisition of income-restricted or naturally affordable properties.


Providence’s properties provide service and support to help our communities thrive. Whether through direct service or partnerships with our property management.


Providence Community Housing transforms lives and communities through the development and preservation of affordable homes, while connecting individuals and families to opportunities that enhance their quality of life.

Our Focus Strong Communities


Senior housing makes up more than half of Providence’s portfolio. Our commitment to serving the needs of our residents ensures that all senior properties have supportive service coordinators on site.

(Green Initiatives)

We are committed to ensuring the sustainability of our communities with as little negative environmental impact as possible. Sustainably built and energy efficient communities also provide residents with affordable utilities. Providence aspires to achieve green certification for all future development.


Mixed income housing creates opportunity through socio-economic integration and place-based strategies, connecting whole communities to transit and commerce. Providence seeks opportunities for inclusive development within areas of opportunity that are close to public transit, jobs and education, and accessible for healthy foods and healthcare.

Infill & Blight Remediation

Providence has expertise producing urban infill development in strong neighborhoods that utilize and leverage existing infrastructure. Key strategies include the rehabilitation of existing, overlooked, and often blighted structures that not only reduce public hazards but retain important historic and cultural assets. Infill development is designed to be complementary to existing neighborhood characteristics while offering new opportunities.

Individuals & Families

Providence creates equitable housing opportunities for all residents. By incorporating a mission-driven approach to our work, we ensure that all individuals and families we serve have a place to call home. For those individuals and families that need extra support, our case management service providers assist in connecting our residents to the services and resources they need to continue to access opportunities and enhance their quality of life.

Collaborative Partnerships

Providence develops strong neighborhoods through collaborative efforts -- from resident engagement to urban planning and city government. We operate from a synergistic perspective, realizing that strong neighborhoods are developed through collaborative efforts --from resident engagement to urban planning and city government. Providence holds a shared-belief that together we can create change and strengthen communities. We work in partnership with many diverse organizations, both non-profit and for-profit, all working towards a thriving community and stronger tomorrow.

In Development

472 homes and apartments

438 senior rentals

34 for individuals & families

*updated quarterly

Under Construction

homes and apartments

*updated quarterly

Completed / Developed

1,721 homes and apartments (including 1,677 unique units & 44 rehabilitated units)

919 senior rentals

713 for individuals and families

89 for homeowners

*updated quarterly

Resident Empowerment

service & resource access

Homeowners: 15

Case Management Hours: 2,575

Residents Served: 1,403

*updated annually

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