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Terri North, PresidentAt Providence Community Housing, we are building better communities for our residents that will have a meaningful impact today and for generations to come. Quality housing has a direct positive impact on the mental and physical well-being of every member of a household.

Quality housing that is affordable and accessible is the cornerstone to health for individuals, families, and communities. When housing is affordable, families are less likely to face the difficult financial decisions and choices that impact their health and quality of life. Children who live in quality houses perform better in school and have fewer behavior issues.

Quality homes provide a refuge from harmful pollutants and toxic substances that can affect the well-being our children. Outdoor green space and play spaces encourage residents to get out of their homes and be physically active. And access to support services offered in partnership with community-based organizations increases our residents’ access to opportunities and promotes community engagement.

Forming strong communities is paramount to Providence’s mission to transform lives and communities through the development and preservation of affordable homes while connecting individuals and families to opportunities that enhance their quality of life.

Providence Community Housing currently provides more than 2,100 people throughout the Greater New Orleans region with a quality place to live that they can afford. We have helped more than 600 individuals and families realize the dream of homeownership. Our continued commitment to innovative strategies will help us build and preserve a significant number of homes in the years ahead – homes that New Orleanians can afford in familiar neighborhoods that, with investment, have the potential to thrive. This is critical to help meet the extraordinary housing needs of our community over the next five years and beyond.

We invite you to partner with us on our journey to create vibrant communities that support individuals and families.

Terri North President and CEO

Our Vision & Values

We believe HOME is important to every individual regardless of income, religion, race or gender. Our work is focused on helping people find a true home where they feel safe and have access to what they need to live full lives.

  • Stability/Mobility
  • Compassion
  • Community
  • Empathy
  • Quality
  • Equity

Our Strategic Vision

Providence Community Housing operates from a holistic model that places real estate development at the center of our work. Our strategic vision expands Providence’s current operating area beyond the boundary lines of the Greater New Orleans area to serve individuals and families across the Gulf Coast.

We believe that communities are only as strong as the individuals and families that reside within them. Along with creating and preserving long-term affordable housing, Providence supports residents by connecting them to resources and services that can create opportunities and improve their quality of life.

Moreover, our development model benefits marginalized families and communities. We develop properties near places with high economic potential. Retail and community spaces within our properties provide opportunities to small businesses and community-based organizations through low-rent retail and community meeting spaces. By providing support in the areas of operations and occupancy through our developments, we help small businesses build a strong platform toward scalability and support the growth of community-based organizations working towards stronger, healthier neighborhoods.

Our Goals




PRODUCE new units of long-term affordable housing.

Providence strives to provide equitable housing options that are of high quality, affordable, and near areas of opportunity. We are mindful of the ability to utilize our properties as community anchors that spark continued development and investment in targeted areas. As such, we utilize a strategic approach to assessing real estate prospects and a multi-pronged approach to development to ensure access to opportunities and resources for the communities we serve.

PRESERVE long-term affordability options for existing properties.

Providence strives to preserve the long-term affordability of existing housing through the acquisition of income-restricted or naturally affordable properties that have a potential to be converted to market rate rentals or condominiums. One of the only ways to prevent gentrification and displacement in mature, high opportunity neighborhoods is to purchase existing properties and make a long-term commitment to keep them affordable. Through acquisitions in such neighborhoods, Providence ensures a place at the table for all residents to have access to jobs, schools, transportation, and health services while helping our community retain its rich history, culture, and traditions.

EMPOWER strong communities.

Through an integrated approach, Providence’s properties provide service and support to help our communities thrive. Whether through direct service, partnerships with our property management agents, or contracts with third-party providers, service coordination is available to support individuals and families in need. Through service coordination Providence residents can be connected to services and opportunities to ensure housing stability and enhance their quality of life.

Board of Directors

Brown Marks (Chair)

Brown Marks Group, LLC

Christine Cerniglia

Corporate Realty

Sr. Alicia Costa

Sisters of the Holy Family

Rebecca Dietz

New Orleans City Park

Terrell Haynes


Trevor Mosby

Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP

Rob Munch (Vice-Chair)

Laitram, LLC

Brigid Collins


Lucy DeVaney

Ernst & Young

Elizabeth Herron

Orleans Parish District Attorney - D

Brian Lawlor

Housing Consultant

Larry Schedler (Immediate Past Chair)

Larry G. Schedler & Associates, Inc.

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