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Juneteenth - A Day of Reflection

Juneteenth - A Day of Reflection

Juneteenth is a day of reflection on the long road to equality and access that Black and African American communities have traveled.

As we reflect on the meaning of this day and current events taking place in our city and across the nation, it is clear that Providence must continue investing in strong communities by ensuring equitable housing options for marginalized people through affordable housing and community engagement.  We all must seek ways to break down the long-standing systems that keep many people of color from enjoying the freedoms and quality of life we should all share.

We have done a lot of good over the years and I remain proud of our accomplishments, but it is not enough. Now is the time to evaluate how we can do more. The Providence staff has taken the first step on that journey with a team discussion yesterday. There will be more engagement with staff, board, stakeholders and residents in the coming weeks and months.

It will take a concerted effort to bring down the barriers to access that many people in our community face each day. We have seen it in action before. A people united can create real and lasting change. Providence is committed to remaining accountable to what we can do to leverage our own resources and talent in addressing the system inequities that still mar this country today.

We celebrate this day to honor the work of the many African Americans who have built the foundation and framework of this nation. We reflect today on all of the work that has been accomplished in the name of justice and equality, as well as all the work that is still before us.


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